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FSIZ5S7HDVLEI 6.x will not run under ID specified in keyfilename variable in the Domino Server Notes.ini. It uses the serverkeyfilename regardless of the...
TITH5ZEDCUWhen LEI was started as an addin task, all threads remained open after LEI was closed. This issue has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
SFIY63LJZ7Updated LEISol.xml to comply with Tivoli ITLM requirements.
TDEY5WYK6MAttempting to install LEI with installer.exe on your D drive fails with the following error posted to the log: "An error occurred and product...
JBOR64VPCDFixed a problem where LEI was dropping the percent sign (%) when using multi-value fields.
SMOS64NHKEWhen an activity has run too long or during Domino shutdown, LEI could not kill the activity....it would remain active. This problem has been fixed...
TITH62FAW6DB2 connector now transfers 0 length VARCHAR fields as 0 length text fields - and not NULL (ie in Domino not there) fields.
ASHH66RJL5When LEI starts, two processes overwrite the timezone information stored in the shared memory os structure without first testing that an overwrite is...
AGUD5SKM8UThe EIConnectionPool setting ignored if data source maximum not specified for all connectors.
GMUD5YNRYXFixed Virtual Field initiation/termination memory leaks.
PALT64UJ8WFixed a server crash when using LEI Direct transfer from Notes to Notes and using the Overwrite Existing Data option. This crash only happens if...
FHEN5VDN2YWhen DECS/LEI Virtual Field Activities create records on the SQL Server using option "Create Record" on Open event, decimals were dropped (example:...
MGIY5ZQJYKData Direct ODBC can now transfer data with more than 64 columns.
JBOR64VNE9On iSeries only, the ability to replicate a Domino DATE/TIME field containing NULL data to a DB2 column has been enhanced by a feature where the...
KKOO647B46When LEI uses Domino for current time values in scheduling on W32 in GMT+9 zone, times can be delivered in GMT -5, which corrupts LEI scheduling...
KKOO63ABC2Depending on the value of "Number of Records to Transfer Concurrently" of DirectTranfer, data was not transferred correctly. Notes documents could...
SBOR5W9P6JITLM installer compliance requirements.
MKOL65GRXMWhen an LEI Admin creates a Virt Doc external key table, EINOTEPROPS requested column size is not honored. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
JJOH68RR7GThere is a memory leak involving numeric data and the Notes connector, which may cause failures depending on the number of numeric columns (a 100...


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